The 5am Series - Monday - War

Everyday this week, we're getting up at 5am to film and edit a video before 7am. It's a pretty stupid idea in some ways but we're testing this theory...

Videos don't have to be high budget, time consuming, perfect creations. Maybe God can speak through low budget, sleep deprived videos - simply recorded before work in the morning.

Monday's video is about the wars we all fight, and how to stop them. It takes from Matthew chapter 5 and Exodus chapter 14.

And it should come with a spoiler warning - it actually alludes to a fairly major plot point of the film Arrival - so be warned!


It's important to say that this video only covers a fraction of the issues. It's just a starter. We'd love it if you would add to it with your own ideas, thoughts, questions in the comments.


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