The 5am Series - Thursday - Coins

I've been trying to remember the last time I went all in on something. I think I'd have to go back as far as my wedding. But I think God loves it when we give everything we have - so maybe I should do it more.

Everyday this week, we're getting up at 5am to film a video before 7am. It's a pretty stupid idea in some ways but we're testing this theory...

Videos don't have to be high budget, time consuming, perfect creations. Maybe God can speak through low budget, sleep deprived videos - simply recorded before work in the morning.

The fourth video in the series, looks at the story of the widow who gave to the temple treasury (from Mark 12 and Luke 21). It also talks about how that story is sort of similar to kicking your shoe into a canal.

And remember this is just one part of the discussion. We'd love you to continue it in the comments, share it with a friend or discuss it in a group.


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