The future of the church should have arrived already


One thing I like about living in the UK is that you can never walk too far without coming across a church.

I like to think about how difficult it is to make a building. It takes tens of people and hundreds of days to get the physical work done... often it costs millions of pounds. And yet somehow we are, surrounded by churches.

That means years ago, people gave an enormous amount of time and energy and finances to build these places where we can experience God. They built big cathedrals, tiny chapels and everything in between. 

They did it because they cared about how God was known in this country. They cared that people got a chance to meet him.

Then at some point during this rich history of building things, the internet happened.

At first it seemed like a weird sort of distraction, but then it became part of our days, and now it seems like not a waking hour passes without me checking my phone.

And while I can't walk for five minutes in a UK town without spotting a church, I can spend days on the internet without finding anything dedicated to God.

I worry that's because Christians don't build things online. Not in the same way.

Looking around the internet, it seems like the future of the church is late to arrive. It should have happened already.

As a nation we're spending more time online - reading more, watching more, contributing more. All the while churches are struggling to create websites that don't look like they've come straight out of the 90s.

Of course there are brilliant exceptions, but I feel like Christians should be filling the internet with beautiful things. You don't need me to convince you that this isn't quite the case.

God in Real Life is a charity attempting to solve this problem, at least in part. We're here to build something excellent online, that is dedicated to God alone.

The specific something we're building is a place full of videos - about the times that heaven touches earth. We talk about car parks, about awkward assemblies, about losing your shoe in a canal

But all our videos are ultimately about God... and what he's like in real life. We share them with you and then you share them with whoever you want. That's the plan anyway.

But just like it wasn't easy for Christians to build all those churches years ago, it's not easy to build something online. It takes time and effort and finances to get it going. In fact, we can't do it alone.

There are two ways that you can help...

The first is easy - get to know us a bit better. You can sign up to our mailing list below or like us on Facebook to stay in touch.


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The second is a little harder - give us £5 each month. Do it because you care about how God is known in this country and you want to help us build something brilliant online. Do it because that's less than you spend on Netflix or your TV license.

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