Meet the Team

God in Real Life is an open invitation. If you've seen a video then you're part of it; If you've shared a video then you're basically one of the team. But here are the people that keep the cogs turning in an official capacity...


Jon McNaughton

I started out making terrible videos - the sort that would make film critics cry and media students wonder if the poor lighting and sound quality were artistic devices.

But the odd thing was, even the worst quality videos seemed to do a lot of good - as long as they focused on those moments where God touches reality. While I've technically got better at making videos, I'm still searching for those moments.

So now I make videos for this new charity you're looking at now. I'm the guy that founded it, but this charity exists to talk about the God we meet in the Bible and catch glimpses of everyday.

All the God in Real Life trustees are better than me at some important area - that's really the point of them. It's a genuine relief to be working with such a capable team.

Let me introduce them...

Mark Wroe.jpg

Mark Wroe

Mark is the vicar at Holy Trinity Jesmond. He believes passionately in the power of the Bible and lives that out in his life and work.

Mark laughs loudly - which is a great quality for a vicar. He's also got a way with words - when we're all stuck for ideas, Mark's the guy we turn to.


Sarah Robinson

If you want something done, it's likely that Sarah will know someone that can do it. She seems to know everyone actually.

Sarah's a youth-worker by trade and she's not afraid to those difficult things that need said - which is so useful in a meeting. She also knows more about social media and the internet than the rest of us.


Ben Nolan

Ben's job is so important that he leaves the room with an urgent phone call every time we meet. But I can understand why this happens because when you've got a problem, Ben is a great guy to talk to.

He works as Head of Membership at the Labour Party -  and comes with stacks of charity sector experience. But what I value most is actually his enthusiasm and his wisdom. 

Kirsten Bird.JPG

Kirsten Bird

Kirsten is so good at finance that she scares me. She's a financial accountant working in the wind power industry but she kindly lends her time to balance the books for God in Real Life.

Kirsten will tell you if you're wrong about something - something I really appreciate. But she's also full of creative ideas. This side of her comes out in her spreadsheets - which tend to look like colourful works of art.