When people ask me what the plan for God in Real Life is, I tell them 200 videos in a year - videos about exactly what the name suggests. I often say that beyond that there is no plan.

But that's only partly true. Sure, we want to be flexible and a lot can change in a year... but we do have hopes.

You see I have this vision in my head... it looks something like an old barn. At one end there is a pretty fancy office space. It's not quite Google HQ, but it's clean and comfortable and just a little bit unique. 

The other end is basically like you'd expect an old barn to be - it's all exposed beams, rough walls, concrete floor. There's a bit of scratched up furniture kicking about and it's almost always too cold. 

This is how I imagine the God in Real Life headquarters to look. The fancy office is where we edit; the cold, rough place is where we film when we're not on location. We won't bother decorating much because we believe in the power of simple videos - and filming things as you find them.

But the truth is I don't even know if this barn will ever be an actual, physical space. Maybe we'll stay small enough not to need it.

But I do know with absolute certainty that this is starting to take shape online.

We're building a place where people from all over the world can go to find something of God, and something of real life.

We're building a place where you can learn about the Bible without needing a theology degree or even a decent attention span.

We're building a place that invites God to speak to us all - through the remarkable everyday.

When I walk through any town or village in the UK, I always find a church. But it feels like I can wander the internet for days without finding anything dedicated to the divine.

Apart from a few beautiful examples, it looks like we didn't even try to bring God to the internet. And I'm uncomfortable with not trying.

I don't know what this thing will look like in years to come. But I do know that you can be part of it at the very beginning. Join our email list below or email me at jon@godinreallife.co.uk to get yourself involved.