Most people in the UK believe that God is dead, distant or boring.

Let's tell a different story...


Here's the plan

We want to make videos that show what God is like in real life.

So we film on the streets, in churches, on mountain tops, in houses... to find you those moments where heaven touches earth.

> Meet the God in Real Life team

We've got a big plan to make 4 videos every week for a year. But before we get to that, we want to test a few ideas, find people who are interested and show you what we're all about.

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Let's make this official

You like us, we like you... so let's get a bit serious and exchange some contact details.

Join our mailing list here... we email once a week, usually Saturday.


Sample Videos


Video of the week

Thanks to God in Real Life trustee, Sarah, for bringing her thoughts on a famous event in Jesus' life - and helping us turn that into this video below.

Take a look...


Where it all started...

This is the first ever God in real life video - so you know where we came from.


The 5am Series...

It's so tempting to only make videos that are perfection - slickly edited, beautifully filmed masterpieces. But life isn't polished and shiny; most of the time it's is a bleary-eyed sort of messy affair and things go wrong.

We captured some of that spirit, by getting up at 5am and making a video before work in the morning for 5 days in a row. It's not perfect, but it is real.


Your ideas

There's an idea for a video in your head. Maybe it's not fully formed but we still want it. If we like your idea, and it's possible for us to make it into a video, then we will.

We'd love it if all God in Real Life videos were inspired by what you want to show people - the concepts you'd love to explain better. 

So if you have an idea - even just a suggestion of a topic - don't keep it to yourself!

Keep it brief but tell us a bit more about your idea...
Planning on showing it anywhere in particular? (i.e in a church service, youth group etc.)
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